CASE STUDY: Acton Arena

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Solving the arena heating challenge

with Infrasave high intensity heaters

“The heaters heat the area well. We had them since 1997 and have just replaced a few ignition starters”

Aaron Mathews
Rink Manager
Acton Arena and Community Centre

About The Facility

The Acton Arena and Community Centre consists of one ice rink linked by a two-storey spine, providing dressing rooms and showers, business, and meeting facilities on the main floor. The Acton arena has eight rows of seating with additional seating at each corner of the spectator rink.

Size of Facility: 20,000 s.f. ice pad and floor:

  • Main Floor Surface 190′ x 90′
  • Leisure Surface 108′ x 32′

The Issue

If Infrasave heating specialists are experts on anything, it is how to heat a hockey arena. Heating arenas is a challenging task because there are opposite requirements to be met: to keep spectators warm while maintaining the ice cool. Over the years, many solutions ranging from forced air heating to low efficiency infrared tube heaters were tried at the Acton arena with less than satisfactory results. Only Infrasave luminous heaters can direct heat where it is needed, keeping spectators warm and the ice fast and hard.


The engineering firm, PBK Architects and Engineers Ltd., specified infrasave infrared heaters, switching from a competitor, after comparing the unmatched performance of infrasave infrared luminous heaters. Nine IL luminous heaters were installed for spectator heating in the Acton arena. Strategically located, they provide uniform heat to all spectators along the entire length of the arena. In addition, two infrasave high efficiency IQ tube heaters were installed for space heat in the service equipment and “barrier free” viewing areas.


Independent studies have proven that, infrasave heaters produce more infrared heat output per unit of fuel input. This advanced efficiency ensures increased spectator comfort at lower operating cost, and less impact on ice-making capabilities. When infrasave representatives visited the Arena in February of 2010, 13 years after the heating system was installed! they received very positive comments from the rink manager and the spectators enjoying the game in comfortable heat. To this date, none of the heaters has been replaced or has required costly maintenance.