Infrasave’s Infrared Radiant Heaters Mimic the Sun

Why Infrared Radiant

Gas-fired IR heating is replacing conventional forced air in industrial and commercial applications the world over. This is because of infrared’s superior energy savings, comfort level, design flexibility and lower carbon footprint. Infrasave’s gas fired infrared heaters heat like the sun by heating objects and do not waste unnecessary heat by attempting to heat the surrounding air. By minimizing wasted heat, customers will see significant energy and cost savings year after year.


Using the Secret of the Sun

The effectiveness of infrared radiant heating is easy to feel. The sun’s infrared waves pass through the air and heat objects including people. Even on a cold day if the sun is out you can still feel warm which is exactly how radiant heaters work. Infrared heaters mimic this effect and provide a sun-like comfort that will keep you warm throughout the entire year.

Temperature and Feel

What Independent Experts Say

What the experts say

Delivering radiant energy is far more efficient than heating up air and blowing it down. As much as 80% of the heat generated by forced air is wasted. It floats back up to the ceiling and is vented to the outside. By heating objects, Infrasave’s radiant heaters use less energy and heat more comfortably.

The chart on the left demonstrates the benefits of using radiant heat over forced air unit heaters. Infrasave offers two types of infrared heaters, high intensity (luminous heaters) and low intensity (tube heaters). The benefits of both these types of heaters over forced air are the higher efficiencies, lower electric consumption, less noise, no air movement, shorter heat-up time and the ability to partially heat certain areas.

Infrared Radiant Heating
Infrared Radiant Heating
Infrared radiant energy directly
heats people and objects
at floor level

Forced Air Heating
Forced Air Heating
With warm air heating, hot air rises.
To heat people at the floor,
the total space needs to be heated.
This requires up to 65% more energy.